MDESIGN for Mathcad – a perfect match

MDESIGN for Mathcad merges unique Mathcad functions with proven MDESIGN algorithms, procedures and databases.

Mathcad is well known for its collection of hundreds of standardized methods, formulas and reference tables for calculation tasks in almost all technical disciplines. Mathcad content and calculation routines give scientists, design engineers and product developers access to a huge variety of general technical and scientific fundamentals, which are indispensable for their work.

MDESIGN bundles hundreds of design analysis workflows and procedures, reflecting worldwide codes of practice. The modules comply with standardization and are frequently updated to keep in line with the state of the art. Furthermore MDESIGN calculations and processes are well documented and organized, in order to serve not just individuals but teams and even large departments of design engineers.

MDESIGN for Mathcad combines these two indispensable programs to provide not only general technical and scientific fundamentals but also calculation and analysis procedures which reflect ongoing practical and scientific progress.
MDESIGN for Mathcad is a program that combines the benefits of both Mathcad and MDESIGN.

Although MDESIGN Mathcad Sheets are ready made tools, they can be adopted to specific requirements. Thus, they let you develop even extensive and complex applications.

Please note that MDESIGN for Mathcad is not yet compatible to Mathcad Prime.