More about MDESIGN

Product design and development is a creative activity. But reliable design also needs optimizing and verification to guarantee strength, stability and cost saving.

MDESIGN is a well-known collection of software tools, which today support more than 3.000 companies all over the world. The scope of MDESIGN is mechanical engineering. Special applications deal with gear optimization, bolt connections and pressure vessel design.
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MDESIGN supports dimensioning and optimization of machine elements, lets you select from catalogues, proves assumptions and provides documentation and drawings for procurement and quality assurance.

MDESIGN bundles hundreds of design analysis workflows and procedures, reflecting worldwide codes of practice. Whether you have to design a shaft, find a suitable bearing, dimension a complete gear box or just a small pin, MDESIGN calculations provide a large number of practically verified design tools. At the end of each analysis you get a report, highlighting optimal dimensions, potential weaknesses and safety risks.

We invite you to have a close look at the functionality, user friendliness and many other benefits more than 30.000 users already benefit from:

Simple in use- complex in functionality

The user friendly interface offers substantial support for occasional users in the same efficient way as it serves professionals who use a calculation module several times a day.
This intuitive interface enables a fast solution even for complex design challenges. Some examples for the complex functionality of MDESIGN are the concept of multivariant analysis for fast and easy optimization, static and dynamic operational conditions in all calculation modules, calculation of user defined bolts, material characteristics for various temperatures and the possibility to include your own standardized calculation routines.

Quick return of investment by accelerating design and analysis

Investment needs short payback periods. MDESIGN calculation helps you to reduce your calculation time significantly. MDESIGN replaces time-consuming browsing in tables, specialized literature, standards and guidelines, and performs iterative calculations and variant analysis of complex formulas within seconds. So you will get your money back within months.

Improved product quality

Standardized workflows and approved methods help you to improve the product quality beginning at a very early stage of product development.
And when the development has proceeded the strategy of multivariant analysis lets you calculate variants with a variation of input parameters within minutes. This leads to optimal material consumption and optimal selection of dimensioning characteristics (such as tolerances, type of material and dimensions).

Easy access to comprehensive information

Databases, innovative procedures and product information are only a mouse click away.

Automatic and customizable documentation

Don´t worry about the documentation obligation anymore. MDESIGN does the documentation for you and makes your design and calculation process transparent and traceable along the way.
MDESIGN generates a documentation including input data, boundary conditions and results in line with the calculation process. You can format and customize the documents according to your needs. The output is possible to printer or file (rtf-, xml, html- or pdf/a-format).

Compliable with international design and safety standards

Based on ISO, DIN, VDI and international standards the MDESIGN calculation modules ensure that you always work according to the state-of-the-art. They even support you to fulfill the requirement for ISO certification.
And as calculation and optimization procedures are subject to continuous change our product development takes care of updating standards, rules, formulas and material properties for you.

MDESIGN service

Benefit from our service. In case of any MDESIGN problem or question our hotline will help you out. And although the program is very user friendly and intuitive a start-up training might be useful to guarantee an even faster start and optimal use of all features. And our service contracts ensure that you always receive updates automatically and get any needed support.
We support you to go for the optimum!