MDESIGN mechanical - The calculation library for mechanical engineering

MDESIGN mechanical is the calculation library for mechanical engineering. Based on international rules and guidelines it covers nearly all standard problems of mechanical construction. MDESIGN mechanical assists you with pre-dimensioning, interpretations, optimizations and documentation. The focus of MDESIGN mechanical lies in the gear- and connection technique. The large extent of calculation, e.g. for shafts, screws, springs, teeth, drives and many more makes MDESIGN an indispensable aid in the daily work.

  • Comprehensive calculation libraries based on international standards and guidelines
  • Integrated material information system for over 500 materials
  • Optimization by the unique Parametric Analysis, which does a fast calculation of variants
  • Integrated digital knowledge from engineering handbooks and training manuals
  • Regular supply of new and revised content to keep your work up to date
  • Automatically generated documentation
  • Help features and approved user interface simplify the handling