MDESIGN shaft is a professional shaft calculation program that bases on the German standard DIN 743. In order to fulfill real-life requirements the standard was complemented with some essential features such as:

  • Hollow shafts and tapered sections
  • Unlimited number of bearings and sections
  • Usage of non-standard company-owned data
  • Calculation of bending-critical revolution speed
  • Individual notch factors


MDESIGN has transferred the internationally recognized guideline VDI 2230 to an operational software package, so that engineers are able to make use of sixty pages filled with equations, logic and data tables.

Additional features are (compared to MDESIGN mechanical):

  • Conceptual design according to VDI 2230
  • Multiple bolts
  • Eccentrical stresses
  • User defined bolt geometry
  • Includes hollow-core screws
  • Up to 5 clamped components
  • Includes calculation for high temperatures

MDESIGN multibolt

MDESIGN multibolt offers a new and efficient solution to apply the new VDI guideline 2230, part 2. The program supports you to determine the most stressed single bolt connection within a bolt group. The identified single bolt connection can then be calculated using VDI 2230 part 1 (or MDESIGN bolt) and verified according to the respective standards.

  • Easy multi bolt calculation according to VDI 2230, part 2
  • FEM based determination of boundary conditions and loads
  • Easy and fast handling due to standardized applications
  • Multi bolt calculation without any knowledge about FEM
  • Understandable result graphics for fast evaluation

MDESIGN bearing

MDESIGN bearing offers a new method of life expectancy calculation of roller bearings that more and more clients and manufacturers request: This calculation method considers the compression of the individual rolling elements and the finite stiffness of the bearing and thus comes much closer to real life conditions. The calculation results are provided in an individual and fast automatically generated documentation as usual.

MDESIGN Professional

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Shaft calculation according to DIN 743
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